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The Hafner “Waste To Energy” Plants are essentially based on four main categories:



Depending on the waste heat value, two different combustion technologies are used. Grate firing with an integrated steam boiler plant is used for low to medium-calorific waste. And for highly calorific waste, a rotary kiln with afterburning chamber and waste heat boiler is used.



The plant technology is designed to use upwards of 65% of the thermal energy (R1 – as defined according to Annex II of EU DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC on Waste) including power generation, district heating or cooling and process steam

Flue Gas


In the tradition of conventional simple flue gas cleaning, Hafner relies on a completely dry flue gas cleaning process with double flue gas filtration for increased dust retention and more efficient pollutant minimization. The achieved emission values ​​are thus far below the EU limit values.



From the slag residues of combustion, valuable materials are recovered by further treatments and different selection processes.


Boiler Concept - Municipal Solid Waste Bolzano

Operation of a Hazardous Waste to Energy Plant


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